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Click here  to go to our Central Help & Support site.  This will bypass your need to create a Service Request (SR), as our support team will create an SR as required on your behalf.  Once an SR has been created you will receive a notification via email containing the SR number and a link to it. 

Upon receiving an email with a SR number from our support team, please add any files or screenshots to the SR and not to any of the emails

Support Hours

Support is available 10pm - 5pm Monday - Friday (Eastern Standard Time) on a best effort basis


Help & Support Wizard

Central Homepage

Help & Support

Select "Something is not working" 


Request Support

Subject (mandatory) - Enter a summary of the issue you are having

Solution (mandatory) - Choose the solution you are requesting support for

Environment (optional) - Browser versions added automatically, add additional information such as operating system depending on your application being desktop or web based.

Email Address (optional) - added automatically, can be changed if required.

Phone Number (mandatory) - enter a phone number including country code for our support staff to contact you if required.

Message (mandatory) - enter as much information as possible to explain the issue you are having and any application information, versions, history, actions etc


After submitting you should receive a confirmation along with icons on where to go next.

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